Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fantasy Basketball: Week 1 - My First Win

Find out how I approached my first fantasy basketball draft here.

Week 1 in the books and already something has happened to me that has never happened before. I was at a bar the other night and a basketball game was on tv. To be honest I can't even remember who was playing. I was there for a birthday party and had a couple, three, or five cocktails. The point is, I found myself locked into the game, which featured a player on my fantasy team (WNBA Gambler).

I was verbally cheering for his team to prevail. I know I was really cheering for my fantasy team , and not for the NBA team, but in the heat of the moment I was actively following and rooting for a basketball team besides the Pistons, and before the Finals. This, in it's essence, is why I love fantasy sports. In less that a week I went from below average fan, to junkie screaming at the TV. Fantasy sports can not only make me care about football or baseball players on teams I'd generally have no interest in, but make me care about sports I generally have no interest in.

I won my Week 1 match up 6-4-1 (5th place overall). It would have been 7-3-1 had I not forgotten the season was starting and left Irving on the bench... oops. Made a couple adds this week: Metta World Peace, Kendrick Perkins, Jason Kidd, Nate Robinson and Brandon Wright. While dropping Delonte West and Ekope Udoh, and placing Nene, Gustavo Ayon, and Brandon Rush on IR to make room.

I was propose one trade:

but I still don't feel I know enough about the NBA to be working out trades. Although I do know Howard was on my 'Avoid' list and Jennings was on my 'Target' list going into the draft, so that made it an easy decline.

Here is my Week 2 match-up:

Hopefully I can pull off another W!

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