Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My First Fantasy Basketball League: Week 3 - First Place

Check out week 2 results here.

This week went much as I expected, an easy win. To the tune of 10-1-0, and with this thumping I moved into first place of the league, with a 4.5 game lead.

I know it's early, but it feels good to see such a wide margin. I'm not able to watch many games, but at least catch SportsCenter for the highlights, so I'm starting to recognize who's good around the league. 

Heading into week 4, I'm going to start tweaking my roster more, as I look for the holes on my team. I've been hesitant to do so thus far due to my lack of player knowledge. But now I feel I have a minimal level of knowledge about the players, along with a baseline level of stats to consider them valid, to start making moves. That process began earlier this week with Kyrie Irving injuring his index finger. To fill the void I dropped Brandan Wright and added Shane Battier, hoping to add a boost to my 3PM and TP%, while banking on a member of the high scoring Miami offense to make up for Irving's near 33PPG. (edit: I should mention Gustavo Ayon had been on IR, so I still have to drop a player before putting Irving there.)

Week 4's opponent is Team Mean Machine, who's team includes Kobe Bryant. By far the best player I've faced. Here's what the rest of our teams looks like:

The team who proposed the trade involving Bynum ended up making a deal with another team. I never veto trades unless its obvious collusion, and I had no idea with this trade either way, so I made no protest.

Not really sure how either side did. Guess we'll see in the standings in a couple weeks. Kobe aside, I'm feeling pretty good about this week. Early on the only category I'm down in is TO, but that seems to be the case most weeks, as my players play more minutes each week.

If you have any suggestions for my team, my match-up, or question about the league either leave a comment or message me on reddit or twitter.

Fantasy football week 12 ranks
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